Current Electricals Limited

The high service reliability of our transformers is warranted by

Quality consciousness of our employees.
Comprehensive design studies.
Care fully selected materials Modern Technology and skill.
Standardised Processing.
A thorough final tests.

Modern instruments and equipment are used for all tests.

Heat run tests
Partial discharge test
Impulse voltage test is conducted at standard laboratories

The evidence of quality in our transformers are determined by:

The routine test: The indicator rating of the transformer, particularly the no load and the short circuit impedance are proved as per Indian standards. Other tests as per international standards can be performed.

The temperature rise test, the impulse voltage resistance test and the short circuit resistance test is carried out on components and on complete transformers by type test and random sample test.

Details of major testing equipments

Loading transformer
100 Hz testing generator
Transformer ratio meter
Partial discharge equipments
PT & CT testing Bridge
Resistance Bridge
High voltage tester
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