Current Electricals Limited
Qualityc - Perfection Guarantees Safety

Dependability during operations is guaranteed in every transformer.Development of correct techniques, testing basic Materials, sub assemblies coupled with experience in the manufacture of transformers guarantees reliability to our customers. Continuous development and maintenance of our production area guarantee the high standard of quality for our products. Constant measurement and tests during production are carried out for the purpose.

Some of the controls and tests which ensures the consistent quality of our transformers are:

A preliminary electrical test is performed when the core and coil assembly is completed.

Drying and degasing of insulate controlled by using di-electric strength tests & methodical tests and their results guarantee the high quality standard of our transformers whose performance can be counted upon.

Our transformers meet essential requirements such as:

High short circuit strength
Impulse voltage rigidity
Low losses and high efficiency
Low noise level
Long Life
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